Eyelash Extensions in Raleigh NC

Here at the Bee Hive Hairdresser, we know first hand how hard the process of selecting eyelash extensions. It has the potential to be quite challenging, so the following paragraphs aim to provide some assistance to first-time buyers.

During my third pregnancy, my eyelashes started falling out. In the span of just one month, I began noticing substantial amounts of it dropping to the floor. Before long, it had nearly all disappeared. Multiple doctors conducted testing and reviewed my case, ultimately determining that I had a severe case of alopecia areata, an erroneous immune response in which the body starts attacking the eye lash follicles.

Raleigh Lash Extensions

The word “alopecia” actually means eyelash loss, and there are many reasons why it can occur. It can be hereditary or the result of systemic illness, autoimmune conditions, thyroid trouble, hormonal disruptions and more. It can also be the result of radiation or chemotherapy treatments. For some patients, eyelashes will eventually return, but for others, it never does.

No matter why eyelash loss strikes, it has the ability to wreak havoc on your self-image. This is not surprising, because you start to look dramatically different than you ever have before. Confidence may begin to lag, and serious concerns such as anxiety in social settings and serious depression may develop. The good news is that these days there are countless options for disguising alopecia and providing a much-needed boost of self-esteem. Perhaps the best alternative around are high quality eyelash extensions.

Getting Eyelash Extensions in Raleigh

If you have never purchased a eyelash extensions before, a first decision to make is whether you will shop in a brick and mortar store or you will make a purchase online. My experience includes both types of shopping, and each one has its own advantages. Using the Internet to buy lash extensions opens up a world of choices. The key is to make sure you understand the retailer’s policy with regard to returns prior to buying anything. Lashes often times simply do not fit in the same way you expected from looking at photos. Shopping in person allows you to see, but also touch, a range of lash options. There are many variations in size, color, and texture of eyelash extensions, and it can be useful to check them out in real life prior to buying.

Synthetic materials or natural hair can be used to create eyelashes. Real hair extensions tend to be costlier, but they look very natural and are easy to style. When properly maintained, these types of lashes have lifespans of up to a year. A major selling point for synthetic eyelash extensions is that they are more affordable. They are also wearable immediately and feature built-in style memory. This means that it will look good even if you do not work with it a great deal. Synthetic extensions of eyelashes do not last as long as natural ones, with roughly 4-6 months being the maximum lifespan.

No matter which sort of lash extensions you select, keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Choose your extensions in a size that sits tightly on the eyebrow.
  2. Be certain that your lash extensions is comfortable and not excessively itchy.
  3. Take a look at extensions that can make wearing eyelashes far more comfortable, albeit a bit hotter.
  4. Make certain your lash extensions gets to the salon for a proper fitting that suits your face.
  5. Get yourself eyelash extensions so that the lashes hold the right shape when not in use.
  6. Provide proper care and maintenance of the extensions so that it lasts as long as possible.
  7. Wear your lash extensions with pride and know that you look terrific!